Our Favorite Wedding Gown Designs That Stand the Test of Time

Our Favorite Wedding Gown Designs That Stand the Test of Time

Wedding gowns are the one garment that has not wavered in terms of meaning and tradition. Of course, wedding gown designs have changed over the centuries, but the meaning behind that special gown remains the same.  Like all fashion, wedding dresses have evolved, from the dressmaking techniques used to create them, to fabrications, and of course stylistic trends. There are certain wedding gown designs, however, that have endured years of style changes, remaining classics in the eyes of many.

Modern and Clean
Growing in popularity are wedding gowns designed for the modern bride with simple and clean lines that are very minimalist. Modern wedding gowns don’t follow the rules of the bridal industry. They offer varied styles, cuts, and color for a bride that wants to be unique and wear something no one else has seen.

One word that consistently comes up when discussing modern wedding gowns is ‘crisp’. Whether it has to do with coloring, cut, or fabric selection, these wedding gowns offer a tailored and contemporary approach to wedding gown design. There are many designers that provide such dresses, including, Sareh Nouri, Romona Keveza, and Kelly Faetanini just to name a few.

Wedding gowns with lace are the epitome of what most consider a traditional bridal look. The beauty of lace is that it can lend itself to so many applications, from elegant and sleek to romantic and rustic. 

The history of lace is still under debate, but both Italian and Flemish families have laid claim to its origin. Initially, lace was used by the clergy in the Catholic Church, but it increased in popularity when Britain’s Queen Victoria was married in a lace gown. Similar to the Kate Middleton moment, Queen Victoria inspired an entirely new style of gown still mimicked today.

Out of all the wedding gown designs, whether they be designer or luxury, strapless dresses still reign high in popularity with brides. The strapless neckline remains one of the most universally flattering in the market. Fit properly, a strapless bodice can enhance a small bustline as well as  minimize a larger bustline. It is also synonymous with evening wear and elegance. Properly accessorized it is also perfect for both warm and cold weather events. Even though some brides think they don’t want a strapless gown, they are often swayed once they try one on.

Off the Shoulder
If any style of wedding gown says timeless, it’s an off the shoulder gown. Off the shoulder sleeves are a popular trend in bridal wear because they exude femininity. The style can fit with most wedding themes from modern to bohemian. There are also so many ways to wear an off the shoulder gown, including a tailored look to a longer or draped sleeve full of drama and romance.

Bridal trends come and go, but the staples remain the same. Whether it’s the style of gown, the fabric, or the design, wedding dresses can toe the line between classic and modern. Whether a bride wants to look like royalty or like she walked straight off the runway in a designer wedding dress, every bride wants to feel beautiful. And when she looks back on the photographs of her big day, she wants to feel like she would choose that same dress all over again. 

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